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Why should I have the honor of serving you?

New Blood: In order for the WaterOne board to adequately represent the needs of the district’s constituents, it needs to keep a supply of fresh perspectives and experiences entering the board from time to time. For certain, I think it is important to have experience on the board, but at what point does that experience stagnate? I think we would all agree that a having a good mix of new, two term (5 – 8 years), three term (9 – 12 Years) board members is a good thing for the district. But multiple board members have been serving for 20 (plus) years. At what point does the perspective fail to get refreshed? At what point do they stop asking why? Or why not?


We live in a constantly changing environment, the needs of the district are changing, bringing a new set of eyes to the board is important to the health of WaterOne.