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What is the job of a Water One Board Member?

Whereas a State Representative would be concerned about Public Policy, a WaterOne board member would be concerned about organizational governance. Water District No. 1 is a public utility and as such, it is essentially a monopoly. The water board is elected to make certain the organization functions effectively and in the public interest. In order to do this, the board focuses on assuring that the organization has the resources it needs to continue to be a professionally managed world-class utility. Does that mean day to day management? No, it does not. WaterOne already has that; and by all appearances, it is an extremely well-managed organization. What it does mean is assuring that the leadership of WaterOne continues to have the adequate tools to manage the day to day operations of the organization; it means that capital dollars are appropriately prioritized to assure that water distribution infrastructure is sustainable; it means holding the leadership of WaterOne accountable for delivering on its mission; and it means functioning as a “check” to make certain that strategic plans will support the mission of the organization into the future.

What experiences and perspectives can I bring to the board?

Over the course of my career, I have developed expertise in healthcare administration and supply chain management. I have a strong business and administration education (Masters of Health Services Administration from KU Medical Center and Masters of Business Administration, concentration in Operations Management from University of Missouri Kansas City) to go with my work experience as a healthcare supply chain leader. My health services background drives my interest in the public health aspects of safe and ample water for all communities. My business background drives my appreciation of scarcity, and how to determine the best means to allocate scarce resources.

I think I can additionally bring a fresh perspective on sustainability and a concern for the environment which is a good quality for a board member of a public utility.



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