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Reason #2 - Financial Equity


ater not only needs to be safe, but plentiful and affordable. Affordability needs to be to the benefit of rate payers today as well as rate payers of the future. The infrastructure of WaterOne is in great shape, but much of that infrastructure will begin to age out in the next 20 years. We can not neglect to maintain that infrastructure and we must have the financial wherewithal to fund improvements and upgrades into the future. Generally speaking, the United States is suffering in many areas due to years of deferred maintenance and infrastructure neglect. We can not allow this to happen with the water infrastructure in Johnson County. I believe in a pay as you go method to assure generational equity in water rates. By that I mean that we should be paying for wear and tear as it is accrued, rather than leaving ourselves with an untenable debt to catch-up in the future.