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  • Career in Healthcare Administration  & Materials Management

  • Bachelor's of Science, Computer Information Systems, Colorado State University

  • Master's of Health Service  Administration,  University of Kansas

  • Master's of Business Administration,  University of Missouri Kansas City


Why I am running for WaterOne

June 3, 2019

Water, our most precious resource.  Plentiful and scarce, water sustains us.  Without it, we cannot survive.   Water is indeed plentiful with over 70% of our planet’s surface covered with water.  Unfortunately less than five percent of water is potentially drinkable.  In Johnson County we are lucky; drinking water is plentiful, affordable, and of world-class quality.  While both of my parents and three of my four grandparents were born and raised Kansas farmers, I was not.  I grew-up in a western state where water is relatively scarce.  As a young child, it became apparent that water needed to be treated as a precious resource, indeed our most precious resource.  I value the importance of high quality, affordable, and sustainable water resource management.  I am running for Johnson County Water District No.1 Board (WaterOne Board) because I want to bring to the Board, the perspective of someone who sees the importance of environmental conservation as a component to water resource management.  I believe this perspective will enhance the long-term viability of our water resources so that Johnson County WaterOne will continue to be able to provide affordable, world class quality drinking water to the residents of the district in a way that is beneficial to the district and to the sources of our most precious resource.




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